Hyundai Genesis Used to Send Message to Space

Hyundai Genesis Used to Send Message to Space

Well, this certainly beats sending your dad a good, old-fashioned postcard. Stephanie, a 12-year-old from Houston, TX, delivered her astronaut father a message at the International Space Station. Here's the catch: Stephanie didn't use a satellite or send the message electronically.

No, this wasn't just any ordinary message - it was a massive million-square-foot image visible at the ISS about 200 miles away. So how do you draw an image that big? How about with a fleet of cars? The image was drawn in a dried-up desert lake using a fleet of 11 synchronized Hyundai Genesis sedans. The result is truly impressive, and it was a viral smash earlier this year.

Not only was the stunt one of coolest ways to send a well wishes to your pops, but the 2+ square mile image, which was visible at the Space Station, won a Guinness World Record for being "the largest tire track image." "Hyundai blew it out of the water with an incredible achievement," Guiness World Record Adjudicator Michael Empric said in a behind-the-scenes video.

This is an achieve you have to see for yourselves:


Behind the Scenes: Sending “A Message to Space”

What goes into creating an image so big it can be seen in space? Well, for starts, it requires a lot of innovative thinking. The message started as a collaboration between Stephanie and engineers at Hyundai. Stephanie created a hand-written note reading "Steph <3’s You." Then, it was up to Hyundai to determine how to create an exact, light-years bigger replica made from tire tracks in sand.

In Hyundai's Behind the Scenes video, the surveyors say this was the most difficult step, determining the scale of the image and the GPS coordinates for route of the vehicles. Location scouting was also a challenge, as they needed a dry, flat space for the project. Eventually, a team of engineers and surveyors from Korea, Los Angeles and Europe created the routing, and location scouts found a perfect spot at Delmar Dry Lake in Nevada. Then, a team of stunt coordinators, surveyors, professional drivers, filmmakers and Guinness officials made their way to the desert to perform the stunt.

The next hardest part? It was a challenge for the surveyor team to plotting the coordinates by hand in the sand and determining the route the fleet would take. Most impressive was that the 11 Hyundai Genesis sedans followed an impressive, synchronized route, with each vehicle falling into an evenly-spaced line. Eventually, the 11 vehicles made 30-meter-wide tire tracks for each letter in the message.

Creative director Gunn Ho Park said, the idea was to show that a "car can be more than just a mode of transportation." And they did just that.

By the Numbers: Hyundai's Message to Space

The scale of the image was extremely large, and the numbers related to the image are extremely impressive. Here are some mind-blowing stats from the Message to Space campaign:

  • The final image measured 59,808,480 square feet, or more than 2.1 square miles.
  • At 2+ square miles, the Hyundai message came in at about one and a half times the size of New York’s Central Park.
  • The image was visible at the International Space Station, which orbits 200 miles above Earth.
  • The campaign’s YouTube video, “Hyundai: A Message to Space,” has been viewed more than 55 million times.

The entire team at Lake Norman Hyundai was blow away by "A Message to Space," and we couldn't believe the work and creative thinking that went into the campaign. Hands down, that's got to be the coolest, most-creative way to get ahold of dad.