Genesis’ First: 2017 G80

2017 G80

The evolution of the Genesis brand is impressive – what was once merely a mid-level model in an entry-level brand has grown into something special. While the Hyundai Genesis provided an excellent luxury vehicle, Hyundai noted that there was also a consumer push for an up-market brand that would not only provide sedans, but luxury SUVs and sports cars. Splitting off the Genesis name and redeveloping it into its own brand, Hyundai taps into the growth potential seen before by companies such as Honda and Nissan, who developed their own luxury brands.

Making a Move

Despite being one of the leading car companies when it comes to customer loyalty, and developing vehicles that have become some of the fastest-growing models on the market, Hyundai knew they needed to bring knowledge on board to help in the development of an entire new brand. In hiring designers and performance engineers from well-established competitors such as Lamborghini, Bentley, Audi, BMW, and more, Genesis demonstrates a commitment to be a keystone brand, with aims to be named amongst those car makers within a few generations.

First Off the Blocks

The first vehicle to debut with the Genesis badge is the G80, a reflection of the traditional Hyundai Genesis with some notable upgrades. It is also the entry-level model for the brand – models such as the G80 coupe and the flagship G90 sedan are seen as a slight step above, and will be introduced in the near future. Refined and elegant, the exterior of the Genesis G80 shows some hints of European influence, but covers it well with character lines and a great profile. The long hood and rear-set cabin affect a good luxury sedan look, and the softened rear end is a different take for the segment.

2017 G80

The fit and finish inside the Genesis G80 is exquisite, including open-grain wood, matte-finished metal accents, leather, and more. It’s worth noting that these materials come at a price point well below the segment competitors from BMW, Audi, and Mercedes – for instance, a base BMW 5 series will run nearly $20,000 more than a base G80, but you will get extremely similar materials and construction. One very notable feature is the availability of actual physical pieces for operations such as audio volume, tuning, temperature controls, and more. The un-intrusive, perfectly-sized knobs are a great change from the difficult-to-navigate, attention-consuming touchscreens and complicated button set-ups found in the majority of luxury sedans.

Unlike its competitors that often sacrifice ride comfort in pursuit of performance, the Genesis G80 aims squarely for a pleasant ride with enough power to give you what you need, but does not have any performance aspirations. Select from a 3.8-liter or 5.0-liter engine, both of which will provide confidence whether you are out on the highway or running around the city. All-season tires are standard, instead of the summer performance tires seen on many competitors, while all-wheel drive is available – a feature that some in the area may find enticing, but that also adds extra weight and cost that may outweigh its usefulness. The best news about these engines is that they are capable of running on regular fuel, instead of requiring the premium fuel demanded by the engines you’ll find in the competition. It makes it easier to find a place to fuel up, and cheaper to keep on the road.

2017 G80

Genesis and the Future

The new 2017 Genesis G80 is just the beginning for Genesis – there is so much more on the horizon. In the near future, we know we will see the debut of the Genesis G90, as well as the Genesis G80 Coupe. Further down the road, numerous luxury crossovers and SUVs are planned, while exploration into performance-centered vehicles is also likely. One thing is for sure, technology will continue to be a centerpiece of all Genesis vehicles rolling off of the assembly line.

Here at Lake Norman Hyundai, we are thrilled to be able to bring the Genesis brand to the Charlotte, North Carolina region. We think the G80 and its upcoming siblings will be the perfect vehicles for drivers seeking luxury and reliability, but without the massive investment required for some of the more well-established brands. Come by and take a look at the G80, and speak with one of our staff about the exciting developments coming in both the Hyundai and Genesis brands!

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