New Hyundai Luxury Brand Genesis

All new Genesis Family

If you're already a fan of the Hyundai Genesis - and who isn't? - it probably came as little surprise to you that Hyundai decided to build on the success of their firsts foray into the luxury car market by spinning Genesis off as a standalone brand. After all, the Hyundai Genesis had taken the auto world by storm, quickly rising to be one of the fiercest competitors in a highly competitive segment of the marketplace.


The nameplate has been a significant part of Hyundai's success since 2004. With the move to make Genesis a separate line of cars, we expect that trend will continue - and increase significantly. American drivers have already had a first look at the G80 midsize luxury sedan and the G90 sedan (based on the car formerly called the Equus) and the feedback so far has been fantastic, drawing favorable comparisons to some of the most respected luxury cars on the market. A smaller luxury car, the G70 is due on America's shores next year. After that, you can expect to see Genesis crossovers and a coupe. All told, expect six distinct models by the 2020 model year.


Each of the models is designed to provide the luxury car driver just the right mix of style, performance, sportiness and luxury, with plenty or driver-centered features that mark the Genesis line as a cut above. Add that to the no-hassles sales experience that Hyundai buyers have come to expect and you have the makings of a luxury line that will go toe to toe with anything on the market.

 Welcome to the Genesis family

Of the 835 Hyundai dealers across the US, the Genesis brand will be launched in about 300 of them. Hyundai went through a thorough process to determine which dealerships were best situated to launch the new luxury brand. Lake Norman Hyundai will be among the dealers to offer the Genesis line.


The Hyundai Genesis already compared well with other luxury cars on the market. Now that the Genesis luxury brand has been spun off, expect its models to compete with Lexus, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lincoln, Cadillac and other top luxury car dealers. Not only will the cars themselves compete well, but the customer experience Genesis dealerships have designed in our “Respect Initiative” will wow an already-discerning breed of car buyer, making it more convenient than ever to own a luxury vehicle. All of that is on top of Genesis' ultra-competitive pricing within the luxury market that allows luxury buyers to be able to load their Genesis with the luxury features that you buy a luxury car for.

Stylish new Genesis

Generous leasing terms will be available. While most new brands suffer in this department due to the giant question marks surrounding the vehicles' residual value, the popularity and high resale value of the Genesis as part of the Hyundai line prior to becoming its own luxury brand is expected to ensure that lease customers can get very favorable terms. While we don't have many details to share yet, you can also look for a certified pre-owned program to be rolled out in the next couple years as the first leases start coming back to us.


If you haven't test driven the G80 or G90 yet, you owe it to yourself to come see what all the excitement about the new Genesis brand is about. Get additional details at Lake Norman Genesis, stop by the dealership or give us a call at 855.447.1665 to set up an appointment to get behind the wheel of the most exciting thing to come into the luxury market in a long, long time.

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