Hyundai Motors Commits to Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tech

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Hyundai's leap into the future goes by the moniker of the LE Fuel Cell Concept, and it's poised to turn the world on its head. The concept car leads the next generation of ecologically-sound vehicles by providing drivers with zero-emission mobility. This release is also a firm commitment by the automaker in support of its continuous research in fuel cell vehicle development.  

An Extension of Hyundai's Commitment

The futuristic FE Fuel Cell Concept is a tangible statement that backs up Hyundai's commitment to developing fuel cell cars in a manner that makes them enticing to consumers on a larger scale. It follows the release of the ix35 Fuel Cell which was the industry's first vehicle powered by hydrogen and mass produced. Introduced in 2013, the vehicle is currently for sale in 17 countries.

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The Next Leg of the Journey is Here

These fuel cell cars are being touted as an environmentally-friendly and viable alternative to contemporary vehicles that rely almost solely on fossil fuels. The FE Fuel Cell Concept is the culmination of the last 20 years of research and development by Hyundai. In another step that solidifies that automaker's dedication to fuel cell technology, the automaker recently joined the Hydrogen Council at the Davos World Economic Forum. The Hydrogen Council is a global initiative focused on advancing fuel cell cars as an alternative to those that rely on fossil fuels.

Fuel Cell Concept Leads the Future

Hyundai’s commitment to the development of fuel cell vehicles is so concrete that it expects to introduce no fewer than 14 more environmentally-focused vehicles by 2020 — less than three years into the future. This focus has been spurred on by the continued and growing demand across the globe for vehicles that are not only fuel efficient but that are also ecologically friendly as well. This initiative continues the innovative development of vehicles such as the IONIQ which provided consumers with a single body type and a choice of three powertrains that are electric.

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Discover the FE Fuel Cell Concept

Inspired by — and protective of — both water and other elements of nature, the FE in the concept car’s name stands for Future Eco and is reflective of the complementary technologies that have arisen as the result of its innovative fuel source. While an eye on marrying the car’s form with its function, it follows a minimalist approach. The car is made of materials that are 20 percent lighter which helps it to achieve an efficiency that is 10 percent higher than comparable vehicles. The fuel cell stack boasts a density that is 30 percent greater which significantly increases the car’s range. Portable battery packs that are designed to provide power to passenger devices while they are being charged by the energy output of the vehicle are included.

Hyundai Motor Company has crafted a concept car that is at once innovative, capable and beautiful. It paves the way for the release of the SUV Fuel Cell in 2018.

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