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When a consumer comes in to buy a new car from any dealership, there’s going to be the second element which is the car warranty. This is a protection plan that ensures the quality of the car bought performs as it was marketed and sold. In the case where there is something wrong, the dealership and brand then commit to fix the problem, within limitations, to make sure the new car operates as it was marketed within reasonable use. This protection lasts for a set period or number of miles driven and then it expires. There are optional plans to extend the protection, but the initial warranty comes from the car manufacturer.

In the case of Hyundai, a car buyer received a very special warranty protection that is clearly above and beyond what is offered elsewhere. Known as the Hyundai Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty Plan, a car buyer received both a new car as well as a very extensive protection plan that is designed to make sure the buyer is satisfied as possible and wants to buy a Hyundai again in the future. Some of the major features of the Hyundai new car warranty plan include the following:

  • The powertrain enjoys a significant coverage on all the key mechanical parts. The goal of this protection is to make sure the vehicle does not fail and all the key aspects of engine, transmission and transference to axle parts work as expected in a new car right from the factory. In the case that there is a powertrain problem, the parts and service are covered by Hyundai’s plan to get the car buyer back on the road with the new car they expected to have bought in the first place.
  • The general coverage of the warranty provided by Hyundai provides a robust 5-year, 60,000 mile protection on all parts and construction covered aside from specific exemptions, discussed in the next paragraph below. This includes all the major components and parts of the car under reasonable use and driving. Given the fact that the market minimum with other providers is three-years and 30,000 miles in many cases, what Hyundai provides in a comparable vehicle in all classes is simply amazing and worth serious consideration in itself.
  • A body perforation or defect plan that covers the vehicle for at least 7 years. This ensures there are no issues with body fit, make, construction or similar. It does not apply where the use and conditions create corrosion, however, such as driving on salted roads in the winter.
  • An 8-year, 80,000 mile coverage for the vehicle emission system consistent with federal standards and applicable in all 50 states unless a specific state version is in place for higher stringency requirements.
  • A 24/7 roadside assistance plan for helping a driver in remote locations where otherwise a car buyer is on their own resources or stuck until some other means are arranged. This protection stays in place for 5 years from the date of purchase for the Hyundai’s first owner.
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When one adds up all the above in addition to Hyundai’s dedication for great quality, a fun car to drive, and its reliability and workmanship, the value obtained by a car buyer is just simply amazing compared to anything else in the same market and car category. And it’s all possible when one comes down to Lake Norman Hyundai to see which Hyundai model works best for personal needs and interests.

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